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April 10, 2009


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Greeting to all the wandering artists out there!

I call out to all the deity's, to all the ones with goodness in their hearts, to whom may stumble upon this trading post or the ones who watch from far and wide, all are welcome in this celebration!

I propose we unite and contribute to the great scroll, to lay down our ideals for generations to remember the great Amaterasu, who's adventures that once cleansed this great land of the darkness, all shall remember!

The Scroll is Growing, this is what we've done so far:…

This project is mainly designed for the Okami fans, but anyone is welcome to participate....

I want to start a project where we can all contribute our art, work together in creating a huge scroll where each artist adds to the ever growing width and size, each depicting a scene or character inspired from Okami........

This is the beginning of the scroll, with each artist adding their art next to mine and so forth until we get a creative collection of fan artwork in one place for all to see.......

If anyone's interested please let me know here


1 - ALL artwork submitted MUST be your own creation, no official artwork allowed, though it can be used for reference but I don't want to see any flat out copies of any official art. ANY medium.

2 - Try and keep each submission border free, each picture will be blended into the scroll to ensure continuity with everyone's art, a white backdrop is preferred....

3 - When I blend the art into the scroll, it may overlap images, some of the scroll texture will show through, you must be OK with this. The scroll needs to look natural as if we have painted/drawn our art onto it directly as a whole. There will be no specific order in placing each submission, I'll place the art on the scroll depending on composition.

4 - As many submissions as one desires, no limit in what you produce. It may be a small bird or tree for example, it may be a full scene or a lone character, the scroll needs to be filled with all types of images, even authentic Kanji lettering. To keep the scroll from looking artificial I'll be placing different markings, ink splats etc in various places, this may go over your work slightly.

5 - Feel free to display the scroll in your gallery or crop what parts of the scroll containing your images. I won't be listing what every person has done, in time the message area will be too full I will just have each contributors icon visible.

6 - To contribute just upload what you have done to your gallery and let me know, I'll then merge the image with the ever growing scroll.

7 - Try not to have signatures on the work you want on the scroll, it will just look messy having names all over the place for every bit of art, your welcome to place your signature on the cropped version or original in your gallery.

8 - Spread the word and most important of all, HAVE FUN!
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h2ohauck Aug 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
HAI that looks way too awesome

ive got some okami stuff in my gallery, it wont be hard to find i dont have that much stuff -.-
i have lika and camellia and maybe ammy somewhere
kemurai6 Oct 6, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd like to be a part of it, if your still allowing pics! Here's a link to one of mine [link]
GAVade Nov 11, 2009   Digital Artist
Oh sorry I didn't notice your message, very nice will add it :)
kemurai6 Nov 12, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! Thank you!
GAVade Nov 13, 2009   Digital Artist
GAVade Sep 3, 2009   Digital Artist
The scroll has GROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This looks pretty awesome, count me in!
GAVade Sep 3, 2009   Digital Artist
Ah awesome!
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